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Christ Church, Jebel Ali. This is our link church in Dubai.
Paphos Anglican Church, which has three separate congregations
St John the Evangelist, meeting in Derynia

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  • Thought for the Week, 24th March 2020 24 March 2020

    I have been delighted by how much it already means to me to stop and pray for our congregation and the people of the district of Larnaca every day at 6.00pm.

    I am used to attending services on time so I set an alarm on my watch for 5.58pm, and I also set an alarm for 6.10pm to finish my time of silent prayer. I remember being shocked years ago by a writer on prayer saying that he set an alarm for the end of a prayer time, but now it is proving a useful and habit-forming part of my pattern.

    There is a chair I always sit in for my devotional reading, for Morning Prayer, and now for silent prayer at 6.00. Sitting in the same place, like praying at a fixed time, helps me to focus on what I am there to do and I have a list of all your names in my lap. I sit down, I sit still, and I can attend in peace and quiet to what I am doing, the one thing necessary.

    So the repetition and rhythm of this 10 minutes has become for me an enlivening time – being still with God, in my chair, with your name in my lap and on my heart.


  • Looking Forward 19 March 2020

    These are strange times as we listen daily to the latest news, advice and measures being taken here and elsewhere.  Our thoughts and prayers are for all those who are ill with the virus and those who are caring for them. 

    On Monday it was announced that we won’t be gathering together for public worship at St. Helena’s at least until 10 April as we join in efforts to reduce the threat of this virus and keep our neighbours and friends safe.

    Being unable to worship together in our church is difficult at any time.  But this has come at a key time in the church’s year; a time when we mark Lent, Mothering Sunday and Holy Week.  Times when we don’t want to stay away from one other and ‘self-isolate’…

    (to read the rest, see ‘Looking Forward: Mothering Sunday)


  • Pastoral letter from Archbishop Michael 19 March 2020


    The present moment feels unprecedented. Levels of anxiety and disorientation are high in many places and we who are Christians are finding that we are not exempt.

    For many of the congregations of our diocese, public worship has been discontinued for the time being and until further notice, because the civil authorities, whose guests most of us are, have decreed that it should be. Situations vary, but everywhere at the moment is experiencing greater or lesser amounts of disruption and discontinuity….

    (to read the rest, see: Archbishop’s pastoral letter)

  • Afternoon Tea, January 2020 19 February 2020

    On January 14th, we held one of our occasional afternoon tea social events. It was a happy occasion, gathering people with a whole variety of connections to St Helena’s Church and members of the congregation.  The next afternoon tea will be on Tuesday 5 May at 3.00pm.

  • Remembrance Day 2019 10 November 2019

    Communion Table for Remembrance DaySt Helena’s Remembrance Day service was held on Sunday 10th November.

    We will remember them