Coming out of lockdown

On Monday 10 May we come out of lockdown.  The usual requirements to use handgel entering and leaving the church, wearing a face mask covering nose and mouth, and observing physical distancing, will continue to apply for services at St Helena’s.

Additionally, in order to come to church, each person will need to have with them a Coronapass. This will be available soon as an app on a mobile phone, but until that is ready each person must carry proof of one of:

 A negative PCR or rapid test, taken within the last 72 hours
 Vaccination of at least one dose received at least 3 weeks ago
 Having contracted coronavirus in the past 6 months.

The responsibility for this lies with each person. We do not have to check this as you arrive. If the church is subject to a surprise police check, anyone without the one of the 3 proofs listed above will be responsible for any fine imposed.