March against Human Trafficking

‘Abolish slavery everywhere, forever.’ So read one of the placards under which we walked. At 10am on October 19th, the seafront at Limassol looked just a little different. There were the usual tourists dressed to enjoy the sunshine.

But there were also some 130 people of different ages and nationalities clothed completely in black. Christopher and I were among them. Silently, in single file we walked slowly along the promenade…

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Afternoon Tea

On Wednesday 16th October 2019, some 35 of us enjoyed gathering for wonderful home-made cakes and conversation at St. Helena’s. 

Do join us for our next tea at 3.00 pm on Tuesday 14th January. We look forward to welcoming you.

New Chaplains at St Helena’s

On Saturday 7 September 2019 Bishop Michael collated and instituted the Venerable Christopher Futcher as the new Archdeacon in Cyprus and parish priest of St Helena Larnaca. 

At the same service he licensed Christopher’s wife, the Revd Anne Futcher, as archdeaconry social concern officer and an associate priest at St Helena’s.

Christmas pastoral letter 2018

Advent Calendars have become a familiar feature of Christmas anticipation. Beginning on December 1st (usually before Advent) and ending on Christmas Eve, I can remember when they were filled with different religious images and pictures, rather than chocolates. The idea is to mark each day as special on the countdown to Christmas…

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Easter Pastoral Letter 2016

Easter pastoral letter 2016

I wonder what Amnesty International would make of the trial of Jesus , if it were to be held nowadays. Perhaps ‘trial’ is too grand a word to use, actually, for a process that seems to have had no proper provision for advocacy, no rules of evidence and no independent judiciary, and in which, all too obviously, each of the frightened accusing parties is desperate to preserve their own interest….

To read the rest, see Easter Pastoral Letter 2016

St Helena’s report to Synod 2016

The Diocesan theme for 2015 was stewardship, and that has loomed large in our Council thinking. There has been fresh thinking about how we best support planned and realistic giving. Also we have rationalised our fund-raising events and opened a second Charity Shop. All of this has led to our first year of financial surplus for several years, and we are anxious to maintain momentum…

To read the full report, see St Helena’s Synod report 2016